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Best Spa 2015/16

NZ Beauty Industry Awards

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Silk Skin Spa is the perfect fusion of a Day Spa and a Skin Clinic taking the best from both resulting in a beautifully balanced Treatment Spa. A treatment Spa where you come, relax and indulge knowing you are getting the best, most up-to-date treatments and products available with fantastic passionate beauty and dermal therapists who are highly trained to advanced standards.

Totally refurbished in mid 2018 Silk is sophisticated yet relaxed, down to Earth and above all, welcoming.


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Facial Treatments

At Silk Skin Spa we are all about skin. From acne, to wrinkles, pigmentation and all the other quirks our skin throws at us, the Silk team has you covered. We offer treatments from meditation facials right through to peels, hyperformance & the worlds leading needling device, the Dermapen 4.

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Waxing and Electrolysis

At Silk Skin Spa we use the best hot waxes we can find and the original PhD tube applicator waxing system. This waxing system removes short and stubborn hair with less irritation with no chance of cross-contamination.

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Skin Products

At Silk Skin Spa we source products we believe are the best for the types of treatments we offer. This includes O Cosmedics, Nimue Man, Ginger&Me Neuro for sensitized skins & our organic Skin Juice.

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Beauty Therapy at Silk Skin Spa

We are here for you. Your team of highly skilled and qualified Dermal Therapists and Beauty Therapists at Silk Skin Spa just want to make your day, everyday, it's as simple as that.
Silk Skin Spa is an award winning beauty therapy clinic specializing in skin, diagnosis and facial treatments right here in New Plymouth and as soon as you enter you will know why. 

At Silk we offer an extensive range of beauty treats including Spray tanning, waxing, killer eyebrows, specialised facial and body treatments and so much more.

Our passion for skin health is what truly sets us apart. When it comes to your skin and it's care we are the team you want. At Silk we have some of the most up to date skin diagnostic tools available from our sophisticated skin scanner to Skin DNA testing. Silk Skin Spa's dermal therapists are highly trained in all things skin. Their skin anatomy and histology knowledge is on its own very impressive. Add to this their training and knowledge of derma-nutrition, our smorgasbord of skin consultations at your fingertips and the top of the range cosmedical and dermal cosmeceutical skin products we stock, ensures that you are not only in great hands, but we have the technology, treatments and products to back it up. 

Our newest babies at Silk are our Dermapen3 and Dermapen Cryo. The Dermapen3 is the most advanced needling device in the world and we can honestly make some serious changes to your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles, surgical, acne and trauma scares, stretch marks, pigmentation and so much more are treated very sucessfully with Dermapen3. Then if you hae skin tags, warts or age spots, our cryo machine can remove them so easily you will wish you had done it earlier.

All our dermal and beauty therapists are trained and qualified to an international level and always work within the strict guidelines of the code of ethics and hygiene standards required by the NZARBTh.
Silk's passionate and friendly team of dermal and beauty therapists are so welcoming you will never want to leave. 

Open Hours:Silk Skin Spa

  • 9am - 4pm, Monday
  • 9am - 8pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs
  • 9am - 5pm, Friday
  • 9am - 3pm, Saturday
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 With 3 amazing speakers, Wed 17th Oct is a night not to be missed.

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Our Services

  • Waxing and Electrolysis
  • Skin Specialised Skin Consultations
  • Skin DNA Testing
  • Facials
  • Advanced Skin Treatments and Peels
  • Eyes & Brow Enhancing
  • Spa Packages
  • Wedding Beauty Treatment Packages
  • Spray Tans
  • Massage
  • Hands & Feet Rituals
  • Body Rituals & Wraps

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