Hyperformance Dermal Facials

At Silk Skin Spa, our range of facial treatments is 2nd to none. It 's what we do, it' s what we love.

If you are serious about your skin then you will find we are even more so. Everyone deserves great skin and at Silk Skin Spa we are passionate about helping you achieve this. 

Our Dermal Therapists are highly trained and qualified in everything about skin. From Derma-nutrition through to in-depth skin histology and ingredient science. We are forever learning, forever training & studying and forever pushing the boundaries to get you the skin you deserve.

Our hyperformance facials are just that. The combination of products, ingredients & your dermal therapist will out perform any normal facial and will cover all skin types and concerns. Our two derma-cosmecutical ranges O Cosmedics and ginger & me were developed with the latest technology and can treat anything ranging from premature ageing, pigmentation to acne and even dull and tired skin. With your commitment we will create a skin plan to include home care and preparation to give you optimum results.Your therapist will work closely with you, help get balance and strength into your skin so you can experience some of the most state of the art skin care treatments right here in Taranaki.

Your team at Silk is innovated and are always on the lookout for new ways to treat you and your skin. Your skin changes, the seasons change, and your dermal specialist will be one step ahead. We want you to love your skin.

Hyperformance Dermal Facials are advanced skin treatments, they are considered Phase 2 or 3 and are often treatments your skin needs to work towards. It is best to book in for a Scan & Plan and or a facial from our classic range first.

We love nothing more that talking to you about your skin. Call us or book in for a Scan and Plan and we will help you keep your beautiful skin strong and healthy, or if you have specific concerns, we will get you on your way to insanely great skin.

Hyperformance Dermal Treatment $160

60 mins

Want to make a difference in your skin?

Our hyperformance dermal treatments and your dermal therapist will advise and treat your skin for exactly what it needs.

The combination of our highly skilled team and the best of the best when it comes to skincare products, the list of what we can do for you is endless.

  • Advanced pomegranate enzymatic treatment - sensitive skin, healing, anti inflammatory
  • Refining oxygen treatment - Botox effect, party ready, instant gratification
  • vitamin and antioxidant infusion treatment - nourishing, anti aging, plumping
  • Retinol Peel - thickened skin, sun damaged, scarring
  • Bio white peptide peel for pigmentation
  • Problematic exfoliation treatment - excess oil, active breakouts
  • Micro-Needling Dermapen4 treatment (from $300)


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