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Skin Specialised Skin Consultations

At Silk our Dermal Therapists are experts in their field. Their extensive knowledge and passion for skin health ensures when you come to us, you will receive the best of the best. If you want to know about keeping your skin in the best condition you can, receive genuine and real advise, then book in for one of our 3 skin consultations.

*The below voucher deals are valid for the day of your consultation only.

Scan & Plan (skin health check) - $80 & receive a $50 product voucher

45 mins

Silk Spa was the first in the country to secure this state of the art, triple imagery skin scanning machine.

Using one of the clinically advanced analysing machines available world wide we can now take three different photographs to measure and build an accurate picture of the facial skins's condition. This provides a unique assessment of the surface and sub-surface structures: skin ageing, wrinkles, pores, oil production, UV damage and skin tone.
You will receive an exceptionally accurate skin diagnosis, highlighting potential issues not visible to the naked eye, and a personalised treatment prescription. The information we get from the skin scanner will give you the knowledge and tools to often fix a skin condition before you even see it. 
Our Scan & Plan Consultataions (Skin Health Check) don’t simply identify issues. You are now able to receive further photographic analyses so we can document your progress and see just how much your skin has improved.

Dermo-Nutrition Consultation - $80 & receive a $50 product voucher

45 mins

Our skin is not only an organ, but the largest one we have. We wear our skin everyday so need to look after it from the inside as much as we do from the outside. During this 45 minute consult you learn what nutrients benefit your skin, what foods can help improve a skin condition, and what foodsand ingredients that can irritate your skin. Our in-depth consultation will help us determine what nutriments your skin maybe lacking in.

One of the best ways of treating your skin’s deepest layers is to target it from the inside!  There is only so much you can achieve from just purely treating skin topically.

The body has one of the most amazing, complex and effective delivery systems – the blood! Fibroblast cells cluster around the blood capillaries so they can tap directly into the source (nutrients & materials) to acquire what is needed to make our Collagen and Elastin.

Best of both worlds consultation - $140 & receive a $90 product voucher

1 hour 15 minutes

This in consultation combines your scan & plan and dermo nutrition to give you the best of both worlds, taking  guess work out of the equation saving you time and money making a healthier more vibrant looking skin.