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Best Spa 2015/16

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Tween Holiday Programme


At Silk Spa we are forever on the look out for new trends in both products and health and beauty treatments. Our menu list is updated regularly and if we discover a more amazing way to offer a treatment already in our menu, we will change it.

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Facial Treatments

At Silk Spa we provide a personalised, full skin consultation before any facial treatments are carried out. We offer treatments from the Classic Facial to our Signature Facial.

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Waxing and Electrolysis

At Silk Spa we use the original PhD tube applicator waxing system. This waxing system removes short and stubborn hair with less irritation and the reduction of in grown hairs.

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Skin Products

At Silk Spa we source products we believe are the best for the types of treatments we offer. This includes Italian Makeup Bella Vi, Blinc for Eyes, Nimue for skin & emerginC for aging skin.

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Tween Holiday Programme

We all know how much we panic when we discover our daughters have borrowed a razer and decided to shave their legs for the first time. You know what, it's OK, it probably is the best thing they could do to remove that hair.
We want to expel the myth that shaving increases hair growth, we want good strong healthy skins from day one and we want to lower our horrendous melanoma rates.
So this Summer we thought we would put together a fun informal but very informative tween holiday programme to teach them just this and more. They will learn what to do when their skin starts to go a bit crazy and what NOT to do, what all the different sunscreens are and what SPF really means, and so much more.
Our holiday programme will run during Jan 2018 and you can book in anytime you like, just like you would a normal appointment.
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Opening Hours at Silk Spa

  • 9am - 4pm, Monday
  • 9am - 8pm, Tues, Wed, Thurs
  • 9am - 5pm, Friday
  • 9am - 3pm, Saturday
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Tween Holiday Programme

This Summer holidays we want to educate your tween on all how to look after their skin, face and body. 



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Our Services

  • Waxing and Electrolysis
  • Skin Specialised Skin Consultations
  • Skin DNA Testing
  • Facials
  • Advanced Skin Treatments and Peels
  • Eyes & Brow Enhancing
  • Spa Packages
  • Wedding Beauty Treatment Packages
  • Spray Tans
  • Massage
  • Hands & Feet Rituals
  • Body Rituals & Wraps

What people say about us:

What a treat. Lovely service, lovely ladies. I feel spoilt! Thoroughly recommended!!!

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