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2020 skin promo day

The Great Silk Skin Day

Jul 22, 2020

Tues 18th Aug is the Great Silk Skin Day.

It is a day that is all about skin...your skin
From an in-depth skin analysis to information about skin supplements and the ingredients in products to the latest treatment crazes, this day is for you!
Does taking a collagen supplement really work? What are EFA's and why is that moisturizer so much more expensive than this one?

All of this for just $45! And not only that, it is 100% redeemable on any products you purchase on the day.

Our Silk Skin day is happening only once this year so we are making it extra awesome. We are going to throw in some giveaways and prizes and wee have our incredible National Skin educator Simone Turner joining us for most of the day. Simone will be on hand to offer personalized advise on your skin's health and pretty much anything about skin care you want to know. Her wealth of knowledge on skin, ingredients, products and supplements is out of this world , and alongside our highly trained team we have at Silk it will be a day you won't want to miss out on.

You can only book directly so call or email us to secure your spot

[email protected] 7695570