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Silk's response to Covid-19 21/03/2020

Mar 21, 2020

Update at Silk as of 21st March 2020


OK team Silk, this is where we are at.


I have taken advise from 2 separate medical professionals regarding the steps we are taking at Silk to keep it a safe environment for both you our clients and my team. We implemented strict additional sterilization and safety protocols on Monday 16th March but as we all know, a lot can happen in a week and with New Zealand’s new alert status of 2, we are entering unknown territory above my knowledge set, hence why I’ve had taken advise from the experts. I didn’t know if we could implement more to stay safe, or if indeed if we would have to make the heart-breaking decision, for the good of our community to close end of the day today, Saturday.

At this stage we do not need to close our doors, but please please know, the second it is not deemed safe within the walls of Silk by my medical advisers, or indeed the New Zealand’s advisers I will indeed close Silk up.


On top of the measures we put into place last week we will now be adding cleaning breaks in between all our client times. This will give us time to wipe down the whole treatment area in-between each client instead of just the high-use areas. It will also limit the amount of people in our reception area. We may need to call you and move your appointments slightly to accommodate these breaks.

We will be taking some of the seating out from our reception to adhere to the 2 meter advise, but if you are early, maybe just go for a stroll down the street until your appointment time is due.

We will continue to use disposable gloves for every single client and be assured your towels and linen are fully changed and washed for every client. We have a supple of masks that, if you so wish, you are more than welcome to purchase and wear them during your treatment. We will give these to you at the same cost as what we paid, $3 each. Due to our limited supply of these masks, they are only able to be purchased if you are at Silk having a treatment. You can of course take your mask home with you.


We have enough hand sanitizer at Silk to keep all our mitts clean for quite some time. It is only onsite when we are there though, as our supplies are being taken home by different therapists at the end of each day. We have sold out of the retail of these but will advise the moment they are expected back in. (two weeks max) Our cliniprep kills coronavirus within 15secs of being on your skin and with no alcohol or any other cheap nasties, it will not irritate and dry your skin.


Our team know everything they possibly can be expected to know on how to keep you safe, and of course themselves. We are doing everything we can to stay up to date with all reliable information and will follow all precautions we can to stay open for you as long as we can. Remember, we will close the doors the second the safety of you or my team are compromised, you have my word on that.

It really should go without saying, but of course, if you are unwell do not come in and look after yourself. Please let us know, we have wavered our cancellation fees…we have not wavered our no-show fees. And if you are 70 or over or have a pre-existing condition that makes you more vulnerable, please call us and let us know you can not come in. If we can help in anyway to get food to you, medication, wine chocolate…just ask, I’m thinking we will have some spare time on our hands soon.


On a very personal note. Silk is my baby. It is breaking my heart that my incredible team of women that are my girls are facing such uncertainty in their futures when only a mere month ago their job securities were super strong and we were planning advanced trainings and fun team building days. I feel terribly guilty that their hours will more than likely have to be cut and if we close, there may not a job or a Silk to come back to.

Please be kind to my team, they are the best thing since sliced bread and generally love looking after you all. Please be kind and understanding to me when you hear some hours have been cut. It will not be done lightly nor will it be done without tears and a very heavy heart.


Taranaki is the best place in the world to live in and we are facing something that many of us have never faced before. Please just look after and look out for everyone you can, and together we will get through this a better and stronger community. It is going to be tough, but we are Taranaki strong


Until the doors are locked, keep supporting us please by trusting us and coming in for your appointments (if you are well of course), purchasing your products and sharing your love for Silk on social media and the likes

Kia kaha Taranaki and Silk whanau, we’ve got this