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we will look out for you

Silk Spa in Level Two

May 17, 2020

We are so incredibly happy to be able to look after you again.
Our industry already know what sterilization means, we have been all over that for years. So please know you are safe with us, you always have been and you always will be.

Due to the fact we, as an industry have already practiced impeccable hygiene methods for years, Covid-19NZ have stated that we do not need to use any more PPE than what we would do normally. BUT as an extra precaution, until further notice your Silk team will be adding masks and gloves to our list of PPE. If you would like to wear a mask, please do, either bring your own or you can buy one from us for $3.00


  • If reception area is occupied, please wait outside. We will wave you in or come and collect you.
  • Please come alone. One therapist and one client in a treatment room only. Children secured in a pram or capsule are welcome. We also ask that nobody waits in reception for you, if you do travel to Silk with somebody they will need to wait outside. Dovetail next door has some great shopping and Baked offer great coffee! Both perfect ways to fill in the time.
  • As soon as you come in, please use our hand sanitizer at the door, come to reception and sign the register. If your treatment room is ready, we will take you straight through.
  • When possible, we ask that you put your bag/phone on the couch with you instead of on the chair.
  • We are sorry but at the moment we are unable to offer you a snack, coffee or even water. Please do bring your own water in (or wine if you feel the need).

We have a full list of all the protocols and precautions we are taking to keep you and the team safe, some are extra but many we've been doing for years at Silk. It is on display at reception so please do read if you are interested.

We are relaxing our late cancellation fees but not our no shows, so please do let us know in plenty of time if you can not make it.