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5Our Tween holiday programmes are back!

Jun 26, 2020

Did you know that your tween is better off shaving their legs when they are ready instead of shaving?

What about the world of skin health, cricky where do you even start, and when?!

Our tween holiday programme's are fun and all about learning how to look after their skin from the inside as well as out. We will show them how to look after their brows with no plucking disasters in sight and so much more.

Each session is 100% personlized to the group booked in with us. Once it is booked in and confirmed we will contact you and find out exactly what you would like from the programme.

From a one-on-one to up to 4 tweens, our school holiday programme is a great way to keep them entertained these holidays and get them started with good genuine advise.